The Joy Ride of 1st Industrial Trip by Zawad & Tanjim

On July 27th of 2022, House of Volunteers had arranged an industrial trip along with the Stockholm Junior Water Prize Bangladesh finalists at Nestlé Bangladesh factory located at Sreepur, Gazipur. It was about a 55 km trip from Dhaka. We had reached the factory by noon and the area was calm & pleasant. We were warmly welcomed by the executives of Nestle. After that, we attended an informative presentation on Nestle and Nestle Bangladesh as well as the Sreepur Factory. Nestlé, the world's largest publiclyheld food company,was formed in 1866 by Henri Nestlé. In 1992, Nestlé Bangladesh started its commercial operations. In the meantime, they informed us of some safety guidelines together with safety equipment we had to maintain during the production line visit. After the presentation, we went on to visit the production facilities of the factory. We had to maintain their health safety measures which they strictly maintain. We went to the quality assurance labs they use to maintain the quality of their products and got to know their measures to assure the quality of their products. It was fun to get to know how the labs were used and every product was tested. We went to visit the production unit of the famous noodles brand Maggie after the lab visit. The entire production line of Maggie is fully automated with a long conveyor chain. An interesting fact is that the waste food part of maggie is used as cattle food. We got to see how the noodles were made from basic ingredients and packed to send them to different parts of the country. Our main goal of this visit was to understand how the water was used and treated at the factory.We got to know that they are working on making their factory as water efficient as possible by reducing water wastage, increasing the efficiency of their processes and taking various measures to reuse water wherever possible. We went to their water treatment plants and got to see how the used water was reused in appropriate cases.The engineering officer informed us thoroughly how they processed water and we followed him to see the journey of water inside the plant. The visit was overall a fun experience and we got to gather first hand experiences at the factory. We also enjoyed the ride which was fun.  Writers: Muhammad Abrar Zawad (SJWP 2021) & Tanjim Zaman Khan (SJWP 2021)