Project Ideas

The following is a list of projects submitted for the National and International Stockholm Junior Water Prize in the past. It is suggested that you chose a topic which is nationally relevant and topical, which provides an opportunity to investigate opportunities for improving quality of life and/or environment through innovative approaches.

      • Development of a Low-Cost Filter
      • Exploitation of Bio-waste for Water Treatment
      • Extraction of heavy metal ions using agricultural food waste
      • Water Distillator using Solar Energy
      • Recycling Rain Water

Ideas of Stockholm Junior Water Prize finalists-


SJWP 2014 2014-SJWP-Finalist Catalogue.pdf

SJWP 2013 2013-SJWP-Finalist Catalogue.pdf

SJWP 2012 2012-SJWP-Finalist Catalogue.pdf

SJWP 2011 2011-SJWP-Finalist Catalogue.pdf

SJWP 2010 2010-SJWP-Finalist Catalogue.pdf