Eligibility and Entry


Any high school or college student (ages 15-20, in classes 9-12; O-Level & A-Level). Students shall be 15 years old by August 1, 2024, and no older than 20 on September 1, 2024. 


Team Size

Individuals or in groups of up to two students. 


Project Requirement

The project must enhance the quality of life, through the improvement of water quality, water resources management, water, and wastewater treatment as well as water education and social aspects of water.


The project may focus on local, regional, national or global topics. It is essential to adopt a research-oriented approach, that is, scientifically-accepted methodologies for investigation, experimentation, monitoring and reporting results, including statistical analysis.


Project Submission

This will be in the form of a written report in English. The report should not exceed 20 pages, including illustrations, lists of references and appendices. Of the 20 pages, illustrations should not exceed 5 pages. The report should be single-sided, with one-and-half line spacing, and in Times New Roman (12 points).


Submissions must include the following information

  • A completed SJWPBD entry form   
  • Project in Word/PDF format
  • Biography (minimum of 180 words, maximum of 250 words)
  • Photo (in JPG or similar format)
  • Abstract (minimum of 250 words, maximum of 350 words)

Submit the above information at the SJWPBD email (sjwpbd@gmail.com ) and the subject line should be your Entry to SJWPBD,24_School Name


Entry Date

  • First, complete your online registration and then submit your entry by email.
  • Entries open on 30th November 2023 and the project submission deadline is on 8th April 2024.