Judgement Criteria

Projects in the Bangladesh National and the International Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) are judged based on the following criteria:

A project can earn a maximum score of 115 points. Each project is judged using six different criteria. Judges assign a score of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest) to each category. This score is then multiplied by the weight factor assigned to that category. The scores for all six categories are then tallied to produce the total score.


1. Relevance Score: _____ x 5 = _____

Relevance in terms of science, the environment, and society
Does the project target an important challenge in the water environment?
Is the project scientifically relevant? Can the scientific level be related to basic, applied research and can the results be directly applied or implemented?
Can the project contribute to the improvement of the quality of environment and/or the quality of life?
Does the project propose innovative solutions to unsolved problems?
Does the project increase the awareness on water issues?
Does the project integrate environmental and societal issues? 

2. Creativity Score: _____ x 4 = _____

Creativity of the project in relation to:
Posing a problem
Solving a problem
Analyzing the data Experimenting or investigating
Mediating and making the affected parties aware of the problem.


3. Methodology Score: _____ x 4 = _____

Is there a clearly defined idea on which a result can be achieved?
Is the problem well defined?
In what way has it been limited?
Has the work been planned accordingly?
Is there adequate information upon which to draw conclusions?
Have possible misinterpretations of the data been taken into consideration?
Are there any new questions or suggestions for continued research?


4. Subject Knowledge Score: _____ x 3 = _____

Is the student familiar with literature and ongoing research in the field?
What sources has the work been based on?
Is the list of references satisfactory? Have the references really been studied?
To what extent have sources of popular science been consulted?
Is the author familiar with the topic dealt with in his/her work?
Is the author knowledgeable of ongoing research and terminology in the field?
Is the author familiar with alternative solutions?

5. Practical Skills Score: _____ x 3 = _____

Did the student make the exhibit him or herself?
Did he/she carry out the measurements, etc.?
What help was provided by parents, teachers, professionals, etc.?
Did the student take advantage of materials available in school?
Where did the student obtain the equipment for the exhibit? Was it self-made?
How well have available techniques been used?

6. Report and Presentation Score: _____ x 4 = _____

Can the student present the work in a proper and informative way (written, verbally, and graphically through the exhibit)?
Is the content of the work well structured?
Are the level of text, illustrations, diagrams, and language in the written report sufficient?
Is the display visually appealing or are there any special qualities or personal touches?
Is there a relationship between the display and text material? 


Total Score: ________