Industrial Trip at Nestle Factory - An Immense Opportunity by Rikthi Pranadhik

This trip generously arranged by the organizers of sjwpbd aided us in the process of acquiring an actual practical outlook on the reality of water treatment methodology. It's rather easy to visualize a water treatment project theoretically or imaginatively. It's quite difficult to account for real world minute issues while theoretically proposing a methodology for water treatment without the figurative visualization of already existing projects. I believe that was the primary purpose this project covered. Besides that of course it was exciting to say the least to experience the production lines of Nestle. It's even better with a bunch of enthusiastic and friendly people. The whole tour was not just a walkaround of the apparatus they used for all kinds of purposes; it was a full on comprehensive explanation for the entire experience. They prioritized specific scientific analogies in the process and invested quite a huge amount of valuable time on us which is very plausible. Even the head project managers invested their time in giving us an in depth overview of bacterial purification, ROM etc. One of the things that intrigued me the most was their prioritization of hygiene in the production lines. The amount of supervision to maintain a project of that extent was astounding. The hierarchy of official leadership we saw was one of the primary forces keeping this system functionable. All in all this trip enabled us to get acquainted with abilities which we will require to manifest our concern for water issues in the modern world. I would like to thank the organizers immensely for this opportunity. Writer: Rikthi Pranadhik (SJWPBD 2022)