SJWPBD has the potential of being a torch bearer in scientific research!

 SJWPBD team believes that this competition can unlock the immense potentials of Bangladeshi youth. We asked one of our national winners of SJWPBD 2015 how was the journey and what impressed him the most. This was how his answers packed with unforgettable memories.


  1. How much have your skills improved because of SJWPBD?

    SJWPBD was a truly effective scientific research competition in teaching me the nature of researching. Before entering this contest, I was a science enthusiast. This gave a structured platform to work, and also gave necessary directives to work- like arranging a mentor, giving guideline for writing a research paper according to the dominant syntax etc. It improved our researching skills a lot since we had to go through a lot of online material to find relevant data for our project. One limitation was the lab support. We would have preferred better lab support for experimental testing- especially considering the rarity of science laboratories in Bangladesh. We do understand the impediments were unavoidable as this was the first year and other supports provided were impressive.

  2. Was this event better than what you expected, worse than what you expected, or about what you expected?

    The event was definitely better than what I had expected. Specially assigning mentors in the beginning of national round was a very smart idea. The experience itself was extremely fun. The organizational prowess of House of Volunteers must be praised here.

  3. How well-structured was this event?

    The event was highly structured. The allocation of deadlines i.e. two weeks from initial paper submission was perfect. There is of course the limitation of time- getting 20 days to prepare for the final project but that was unavoidable for this year.

  4. Why do you think SJWPBD can play an important role in Water Agenda in Bangladesh?

    SJWPBD has the potential of being a torch bearer in scientific research in water sciences. Firstly, it can inspire a lot of science enthusiasts to pursue a career in water sciences. Secondly, it can create networks of people with similar interests. Thirdly, it can bind the youth who have out of the box ideas with the experienced researchers, who know how to materialize those ideas. This combination might help us to innovate better. Fourthly, SJWPBD can be platform for scientific research itself- having a week long research project (with proper lab support) with all the national finalists (maybe, even after the national winner is known).navoidable for this year.

  5. Please mention the best moment occurred during the program?

    The best moment would be my worst moment as well. Tanvir sir’s interview. HaHa, it was very challenging but at least trying to defend your project to the fullest was empowering.

  6. How was your experience in Sweden?

    Sweden is a beautiful country and the experience was phenomenal. The organizers were strategic to build good friendships among participants. We shared room with participants from other nations, had a lot of social activities- our final dinner was at the 7-star Grand Hotel and, the closing ceremony of the entire program was at the City Hall- where the dinner for Noble Prize winners is also hosted. City Hall is a beautiful location and the second floor has gold printed walls which is stunning. The closing ceremony was a royal program so we learned traditional Swedish royal etiquettes and also ate deer.

  7. Are you interested in promoting this competition in Bangladesh? If so how?

    Yes, I am indeed interested. I loved the Stockholm experience. We can help grooming the future team if needed. We can use our experience to help them. We can also be ambassadors and enroll in outreach program to inspire other children.

  8. How can we ensure long-term impact in Bangladesh by organizing the competition?

    As I said before in Question 4, SJWPBD can prepare the future. The best idea to me is by giving better lab support. This is crucial. My suggestion would be to try and avail the support of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Agency- to my knowledge they have the best lab in the country. Of course, this might be impractical if they are unwilling but this is just a suggestion.


By Sk. Rifayet Daiyan